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Navagraha Temples

Hinduism and construction of Hindu temples got a high seat during the regime of the Chola dynasty. The Chola's built the Navagraha temples dedicated to the planets in Tamil Nadu. these Navagraha Temples have become a popular pilgrimage route in Tamil Nadu.

• Sooriyan, Sun: Suriyanar Koil
Temple of Hindu Sun God Surya

• Chandiran, Moon: Tingaloor
Tingaloor Kailasanathar is the Temple of The Moon, Chandrastalam

• Pudhan, Mercury: Tiruvenkaadu
Tiruvenkaadu or Aadi Chidambaram, near Mayiladuturai are the temples of Nataraja, Aghoramurthy also known as the Budhastalam.

• Sevvai, Mars: Vaitheeswaran Koil
Vaitheeswaran Koil near Mayiladuturai also known as Pullirukku Velur, is The Shiva Temple that seats the shrine of Angaarakan also known as Angaarakastalam.

• Guru, Jupiter: Aalangudi
Aabatsahayeswarar temple at Aalangudi seats the shrine of Dakshinamurthy, also known as the Gurustalam.

• Sukkiran, Venus: Kanjanoor (Kanchanur)
Agneeswarar temple, Kanjanoor near Kumbakonam is known as Sukrastalam .

• Sani, Saturn: Thirunallar
Tirunallaar seats the shrines of Saneeswara and Tyagaraja.

• Raagu, Uranus: Tirunageswaram
The Naganathar temple, Tirunageswaram near Kumbhakonam seats the shrine of Raagu.

• Kethu: Keezhperumpallam (Sri Naganatha Koil Banthu)
The Naganathar temple, Keezhperumpallam near Mayiladutrai seats the shrine of Ketu.

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